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This is the Theta pod's project. Theta pod will be providing ratings for classes at Keene State.

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Please type below your class name and section, who teaches it, a brief description, and what you think about your class so far!

CS 210 Data Structures Elvis Foster
This class teaches you how to optimize your coding by using data structures in Java.
This class is pretty intense and the homework is really long and takes forever. Otherwise it's not too bad and Foster is the man.

An introductory course in the academic use of computers. Includes Internet, e-mail, the Information Highway, information resources, components for student computer systems, the campus computing environment, computer operation fundamentals, computer ethics and the law, and selective software applications.

There's not that much homework, six homeworks a semester and three exams. The professor is entertaining and teaches well.

IICJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies Amanda Warman
You learn about the criminal justice system and what your rights are as a student.

It's easy and the professor is really funny and lets us out early every day.

TAD 112 Modern Dance/Composition I Marcia Murdock
An introduction to modern dance, designed to enable students to experientially understand and appreciate this art form, its discipline and its creativity. Includes basic modern dance technique and movement principles, modern dance history, and fundamentals of dance composition.

The teacher is really good and anyone can take the class even if they don't have any experience as a dancer.

Introduction to the geography of the world’s peoples and places. Adopting a regional perspective, the course examines the homogenizing and diversifying forces inherent among the world’s countries, peoples, and physical environments. Includes resource materials for teaching geography. Students may not receive credit for both ISGEOG 101 and GEOG 105. Fall, Spring.

The class is interesting and the professor loves her job and she's very passionate about it.

ITW-101 Thinking And Writing: A Blog Of One's Own Tracy Mendham
This course examines the ways in which information technology is reshaping the relationship between reader, writer, and text, and the role of women’s voices in the digital revolution. Readings to illuminate the meeting place between politics and pop culture will include: Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own, Klein and Burstein’s Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business and Culture, and Riverbend’s Baghdad Burning. A semester-long research project will challenge you to explore and respond to a chosen topic related to social computing as a means of empowerment for women and other marginalized groups. Participation in group discussions and contribution to online weblogs and podcasts will aid in your development as self-aware participants in public discourse. No advanced computer skills are necessary to enter the course.

The teacher is awesome and very nice. She's very interactive with the class therefore making the class discussions more geared towards students. There is homework every night, but it's short blog postings about readings. There are no exams.

Comm 171 - Public Speaking Deborah DoubleDay
Through experience in a variety of speaking situations, students gain self-confidence in the organization of thought and selfexpression.

Teacher is very energetic and fun to listen to. You learn basically how to properly speak in front of large audiences.

MGT 101 Intro to Management John Pappalardo
An examination of the principles underlying the management of organizational activities. Management theory and practice including: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling; decision making, motivation, leadership and communication will be covered. Topics also include: globalization, technology, corporate social responsibility, ethics, conflict management and organizational change.

He teaches a lot of life management lessons which are useful. There's an open note quiz almost every day and three exams.

CS 205 Visual Programming Matt Onyon
An introduction to various principles, theories, and approaches to user interface design and implementation. Includes a study of the factors that affect user interface design, user acceptance factors, and mastery of at least one Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. Prerequisite: Grade C or higher in CS 185.

It's a fun class and very easy. We do our homework in class. The professor is awesome and likes to get side tracked with really funny stories.

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